Match Report

Match Report - 15 Dec 2007, Ammanford AFC Firsts lost to Garden Village

In the second division, Garden Village came on strong during the second half to beat Ammanford 4-2 at Stafford Common.

A Dave Rimmer penalty was rubbed out by a goal from Ammanford's Nathan McNeil, and Steve Bater sent the home side in with a 2-1 lead.

Lee Rastatter made it 3-1 while a fine effort from Liam Soroka sealed victory.

But Village had goalkeeper Stuart Lloyd sent off, and the Rice Roaders responded with a Liam Preece penalty.

A goal midway through the first half from teenager Scott Kenyon sent Briton Ferry on the way to a 2-1 win at Treharris.

A contentious 55th-minute penalty then squared matters, but Rob Cann atoned for the penalty with a spectacular winner

Garden Village 4 - 2 Ammanford AFC Firsts ()

Name Goals Details
1 Richard Walton  
2 Nathan McNeill   1
3 John Garland  
4 Cerith Williams  
5 Tex Ward  
6 Liam Preece   1
7 Lee Stone  
8 Scott Evans  
9 Dean Jenkins  
10 Luke Fayres  
11 Richard Lewis  
12 Rhodri Jones  
13 Steffan Hughes  
14 Paul 'Ginge' Jones