Ammanford AFC - Welcome Page

"Find Out How You Can Help!!!..........Every Little Helps!!!"

You are invited to join Ammanford AFC's '100+ Club'. It is a club where members will have the opportunity of helping to support the essential fundraising activities of your local football club, whilst also having the chance to win a large cash prize.

Each member of the '100+ Club' will be issued with a special number that will be unique to him/her. On the first Saturday of each month a draw will take place where a number will be selected at random. There will be a minimum first prize money of £100, and this sum will only increase with your support towards the '100+ Club'. The more people and businesses we have participating, the BIGGER PRIZE MONEY!

Ammanford AFC's goal is to reach a £1000 prize every month.

e.g 50 people = £107        100 people = £215            250 people = £537            500 people = £1075     etc.

Individual members will be notified of their win and members can pay by direct debit, annual or monthly cheques or cash.

The proceed to the '100+ Club' will go towards the running of our teams. At present there are 12 junior teams (5 boy and 2 girl teams under the age of 11, aswell as 5 additional boy teams at U12, U13, U14, U15, U16). YOUTH is a priority for the club. In addition to the junior teams the club also runs 3 senior teams that play in the Welsh League Division 2, Reserve Welsh League and Carmarthenshire League Division 2 respectively.

To run such a large organisation requires substantial fund raising, in the region of £25,000 annually. Currently this is mainly sourced from local businesses and people of the community. Sponsorship brings in a third of the clubs income and is essential to the clubs survival and growth. Additionally, the success of the '100+ Club' is an integral part of the clubs future therefore we would like to thank you in advance for your support.

For further details please contact the Commercial Manager Graham Phillips on 07775 634 597 or email us at